Overview of NCDTA               

To coin a phrase we are always one dance step ahead!

Our main objectives are first and foremost to promote dance in all its different forms and styles.  We also wish to maintain high teaching standards and provide individuals with a comprehensive variety of professional qualifications.

The NCDTA Board of Directors:

Lillian Aubrey, Carole Connor, Michael Conway, Tom Dexter, Viv Greener, Hazel Greenfield, Stuart Hatton, Maureen Southern MBE, Gae Sowerby, Suzanne Stuart, Anne Thompson, Helen Telford.

The Examiners of NCDTA:

Lilian Aubrey, Susan Bentley, Linden Bruce, Michael Conway, Jenifer Davidson, Hazel Greenfield, Vivienne Greener, Wendy Hatton, Andrea Marshall, Gae Sowerby, Suzanne Stuart