This style of dancing is usually associated with America but this has become popular in the UK too. If you have ever seen any of the popular American teen TV shows and movies you will already know what cheerleading is however you might not realise the amount of hard work and physicality that goes into the different routines. Cheerleading has fast gone from being an enthusiastic way of showing support for team sports to a competitive sport in itself. It was developed throughout the 20th century and in 1948 there was the first National Cheerleading Association. In the 1950s cheerleading workshops began to be hosted and in 1965 the vinyl pom pom was introduced.

The main components of cheerleading including dance and cheers, are used as a way to create a supportive and motivational atmosphere at team matches and events such as football games and baseball matches.

There has been a significant increase in the number of cheerleading squads and competitions around the world showing how much fun cheerleading can be.