About us....

For those who would like to take up dancing as a hobby, a form of exercise, or even a way to socialise with others of all ages, the NCDTA offers training by qualified, professional teachers.  In today’s modern and stressful world, dancing remains popular with adults; however dance students can start dancing as young as 2 years 6 months.

We offer a huge variety in dance subjects so there will be something to suit everyone. You can choose from any of the following dance genres:  Ballroom, Latin American, Classical Sequence, Modern Sequence, Country & Western, Salsa, Street/Hip Hop/Freestyle, Cheerleading, Modern Stage/Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Choreography, Speech & Drama and Performing Arts.  We also host, throughout  the year,  championships and medallist competitions for dance students and our members.  They can choose to enter competitions in Ballroom/Latin/Sequence Inventive Dance, Street/Hip Hop/Freestyle, Tap, Ballet, Modern Stage/ Jazz, and many other dance subjects. The NCDTA also hold Theatre Scholarships and Children's Days, Lectures, Meetings, Social Evenings and Dinners for our members.  

Once you become a member of the NCDTA you will receive a regular Newsletter, which keeps you up to date with all that’s happening within the world of dance plus syllabus changes and forthcoming events. We pride ourselves on maintaining our high standards and our willingness to help each other.

If you wish to become a qualified Dance Teacher you can receive all the essential training, guidance and support from the NCDTA. We offer dance qualifications in the following subjects:  Ballroom, Sequence, Latin American, Salsa, Country & Western, Street/Hip Hop/Freestyle, Modern Stage/Jazz, Ballet and Tap. Amateur examinations and Professional examinations are available in the NCDTA.

We are a non-profit making organisation, a corporate member of the British Dance Council, the Theatre Dance Council International and the Sports & Recreation Alliance.  If you wish to join our Association you can take an Associate or Licentiate examination, however in 2007 it was agreed to allow professional members of recognised Dance Organisations to join the NCDTA without examination. If you require any further information do not hesitate to email our General Secretary for details.